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Pricing/terms/conditions/ordering information
A note about our pricing and structure..
In a nutshell, you get what you pay for... Unless you shop at the boutique outlets, you won't find anything on the sales floor that even comes close to matching the engineering, the internal components, or the performance of greenboy designs. For what the big chain store sells for, you wouldn't cover cost of parts on these cabs.. Its why they can't sell cabs like these.. Besides, you're paying for something completely hand built. No mass production techniques here, every cab is truly built to order. Every saw cut, glue joint, screw and wire gets my undivided attention.. Will that big ol' store break in your woofers? Would they completely test your cab before letting you take it home? This is part of what you pay for here..

The way I look at it, if you treat playing music as a business, this is an investment, not an expense. Many owners have cured their speaker cab "GAS" once and for all once they have played through a greenboy designs cab.. but its your choice, save a few C-notes and settle for a foreign-made piece of ancient history, or step up to the future..
Ordering terms and conditions
Please feel free to use the email link found on the individual product pages. We can work out all the details in a few emails. A minimum 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all orders, except for bare fEARful cabs, which will require prepayment in full. We accept PayPal, personal checks, bank drafts, and MO's. Once payments clear the bank, you will be advised of a completion date, and the job scheduled. Generally, most orders should complete in 4 weeks or less. (I have a full-time plus OT real job I have to deal with, too..) Wintertime is busy season, and lead times will go longer... If there are any delays you will be advised. Any outstanding balances will be payable before delivery. MI residents must add the applicable sales tax..

If you are within reasonable driving distance from the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek MI area, pickup/delivery can be arranged. Otherwise there is a $25 boxing charge, and shipping will be added to the outstanding balance. (We have access to the best fedex rates!)

We live in a global economy, and commodity prices can change at a moments' notice. We make every effort to keep pricing current, and quotes will be honored for 30 days past the date of the quote.
Below are the available models and base prices. Click the cab pic to see common available options. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, ask!! We might be able to make it happen!!
from $1600
from $1100
from $1000
from $1000
from $1500
from $1360
dually15.png bassic12.png bassic15.png
Bassic 12 from $600

Bassic 15 from $700
Dually from $1000
pricing_order_pages001011.gif pricing_order_pages001010.gif
Crazy 8
from $430
Crazy 88 from $750
12-6.png 12-6cube.png pricing_order_pages001009.gif pricing_order_pages001008.gif pricing_order_pages001007.gif pricing_order_pages001006.gif
fEARful 12/6 and 12/6 cube
from $960
fEARful 15/6 and 15/6 tube
from $1100
fEARful 12sub from $650

fEARful 15sub from $750
pricing_order_pages001005.gif pricing_order_pages001004.gif pricing_order_pages001003.gif
fEARful 1515/66
from $1800
fEARful 1212/6 from $1450

fEARful 1212sub
from $1100
pricing_order_pages001002.jpg pricing_order_pages001001.jpg
18sub from $820
1818sub from $1300